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European Business Game In Limousin: The Final

On July 2, 2010, had held the final of the EBG, European Business Game, which took place this year in Limousin.
This game Creating fictitious company allowed many teams of European countries to come and defend their projects.
For this European final – which takes place on Friday, July 2nd 2010 in Limoges (France) – these are the teams selected :
• AMAZING FISH GLOVE (Croatia) : this product is made for cleaning and gutting fish
Heads : Ivana BASICA, Lina BEUSAN and Taiba ?USTOVIC (School Gimnazija Dubrovnik)
•:BLACKNOLOGY (Italy) : an innovative blackboard for schools and meeting rooms
Heads : Camilla BOSCHI, Alberto BRINI, Elisa RAMBELLI, Morena SANTI, Giulia TIMONCINI (Liceo scientifico « Ricci Curbastro », Lugo – Ravenne)
• COCORICO (France) : fast food restaurants and shops selling traditional food with a delivery service available on demand
Heads : Eva AVERLAND, Carla CASTEL and Lucie TEXEROT (Renoir High School, Limoges)
• HJ COMPANY (Slovakia) : production and sale of helpful accessories
Heads: Jana KRUPOVA Patricia PAGACOVA , Maria SVANOVA , Michal SYKORA (Obchodona Academia DM Janotu, Cadca)
• ISI DROP (Greenland): a small litter bin for used contact lenses
Heads: Ivinnguaq KRISTIANSEN, Sofie Figne MØLLER and Judithe Ringsted ROSING
• NJC-MENU (Denmark) : an electronic menu (touch screen) is a device that informs the customer about nutrition and ingredients in the dish
Heads : Nick BAKKEGAARD , Josefine Dalgaard Shceel Vandel NOORGARD and Christine Uglebjerg PEDERSEN (School Midtfyns Gymnasium)
• NORTHERN COMFORT (Faroe Islands) : a « Foot Stool Comforter » ergonomically shaped for elderly people, using selected environmentally friendly materials of high quality.
Heads : Lilian GULAKSEN, Jóannes Martin Hilmar JOHANNESEN, Laila MIKKELSEN and Vagnur THOMSEN (School Tekniski Skúlin í Klaksvík)
• RESTYLE (Bolzano) : knitted bags made of recycled plastic
Heads : Evi AGREITER, Manuela GASSER , Carmen MUR and Stephanie SENN (Economic School Bessanone/Brixen – South Tyrol)
• STREET LIGHT (Czech Republic) : streets lamps with heat sensor for saving power
Heads : Miriam BYRTUSOVA, Tomas KONIECZNY and Dominika VAVROVA (Obchdoni akademie Cesky Tesin)
• TECHKNOW (Scotland) : a portable touch screen called the KNOWITBOARD. It has downloadable, educational apps designed to benefit early learning in children
Heads : Anya DRUMMOND , Keri JACK, Sally MACIVER , Joanne SHEPERD and Roxanne STEYN (Fortrose Academy)
• URBAN AMBITION (England): An anti-violence pack for youth
Heads : Umair BABAR , Mohammad Rajput , Sabina SIDDIQUI , Ayyaz Zafar and Nida ZAFAR (Valentines High School)

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