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As the expat English Speaking community grows, a place has been identified to extend an additional level of media communication featuring international trade. The evolving presence and increase of professional people now living locally, has enabled this exciting launch to have been realized. Corrèze Television, an innovative and forward thinking company has launched this TV programme via the World Wide Web, brought locally to give more listening choices.
Its aim and target audience is to offer viewers, monthly news in English, presented by the Franco British Corrèze Specialist and a chosen subject matter expert. This opportunity was created to form a gateway for new and experienced entrepreneurs to gain swifter links in to the local business world. Remembering, the life choice to relocate to a foreign country, setting up or buying a business can often be somewhat challenging. The regulations and operating systems work differently in France and it is vital the RIGHT decisions are taken.
As a newcomer to an area, frequently the missing part of the story is that of the language barrier; it is anticipated that topical stories will feature in English each month, to not only compliment local French stories but assist during the transitional period. It is also hoped to provide an additional useful source of data. Settling in and integration to a new community ultimately can be very rewarding and fulfilling with the right help along the way.
So keep an eye out on the site for the next month’s edition.First guests this magazine:
Will Mr Brookes website
and Laurent Petitmangin Head of Sales and Marketting CITYJET

Posté le on 1 juin 2010
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